Microsoft Software Departmental Licensing Pricing


 Microsoft 365 Licensing

Applications Cost per person
Microsoft 365 Education A3 55.00
Microsoft 365 Education A5 - NEW 105.12

The total number is based on Full-Time Faculty + Part-Time Faculty (not including GARs and GATs) + Full-Time Staff + Part-Time Staff + Total Student population.

Non College Station campuses must also include all student workers (including GARs and GATs).

Unlike the FTE count, for the Microsoft 365 licensing all Full-time and Part-time Faculty and Staff count as 1 each; there are no fractional counts. 


 Other Microsoft Departmental Licensing

To order the Microsoft Departmental Licenses, go to:

Applications Cost per FTE
ProjectPro w/Project Server CAL 6.35
Visio Professional 5.60
SQL CAL 6.95
Windows Remote Desktop Services CAL 6.95

These prices are per FTE (Full Time Equivalent); not total.  The ProjectPro w/Project Server CAL for a department with 10 FTEs would be $63.50, while a department with 100 FTEs would be $635. 

FTE Clarifications

Full-time faculty and staff are counted as one (1) FTE. Part-time faculty should be counted as one-third (1/3) of an FTE and part-time staff should be calculated as one-half (1/2) of an FTE.  Part-time is defined to be anyone working 20 hours or less.

You cannot elect to leave someone out of your FTE count because they don't use a program, use a different operating system, etc. Microsoft does allow for non-computer using staff members to be omitted from the count.   

Graduate Assistant Researchers and Teachers do (GARs and GATs) are considered part-time faculty and count 1/3.   Graduate Assistants, Non-Teaching (GANTs), do not count towards FTE.   They are considered student workers and are covered by the student licensing agreement.  Students and student workers (aside from GARs and GATs) should also not be included in your count because they will be covered by their own licensing program. Your FTE count should be based on your normal staffing level for a Fall or Spring semester. 

Total FTE = (Full-time faculty and staff) + ( 1/3 number of part-time faculty) + ( 1/2 number of part-time staff) - (Number of non-computer using staff members)


Microsoft Campus Licensing for Students 

Applications Cost per student
Windows Remote Desktop Services CAL -- Student 4.35

 The total number for this is based on the number of Full-Time Students + Part-Time Students.  Each student counts as 1.