Microsoft Software Departmental Licensing Pricing

Microsoft 365 Licensing

Other Departmental Licensing
Applications Cost per EQU
Microsoft 365 Education A3 56.28
ProjectPro w/Project Server CAL 6.35
Visio Professional 5.60
SQL CAL 6.95
Windows Remote Desktop Services CAL 6.95

Microsoft Licensing Count Clarifications

The EQU (formerly FTE) is the total number is based on Full-Time Faculty + Part-Time Faculty  + Full-Time Staff + Part-Time Staff + Graduate Assistants (GARs, GATs, and GANTs).

You cannot elect to leave someone out of your count because they don't use a program, use a different operating system, etc.

Other Microsoft Departmental Licensing

To order the Microsoft Departmental Licenses, go to:

Microsoft Licensing Prices
Applications Cost per User
Power Apps (per app plan) 52.80
Power Apps (per user plan) 216.00
Power Automate (per user plan) 79.20
Power Automate (per flow plan) [minimum 5 licenses] 528.00
ProjectPro w/Project Server CAL/User  62.00
Project Online Professional/User  72.00
Project Online Premium/User 96.00
Visio Professional/User  54.00
Visio Online P1/User  12.00
Visio Online P2/User  26.40

These prices are per individual user not total.  Unlike 365 licensing, these licenses are not based on the departmental count.  The Online products are assigned to designated users, and this will be tied to their Office 365 account.