Software Center Mailing List

The Software Center maintains an informational mailing list. If you would like to subscribe, please fill out the subscription form below. This mailing list will include product updates and licensing information, including information about changes and updates to the Microsoft licenses.

Please be aware that the first email you receive contains a link you must follow to be added to the list. This is a verification that the email address is active.


To subscribe, please follow this link:

Subscribe to AM-Software Licensing

and replace firstname and lastname with the appropriate name in the email.

Once it is sent, you should receive a confirmation email that includes a link.  Once you follow that link, your email will be subscribe to the AM-Software_Licensing listserv.


To unsubscribe, please follow this link:

Unsubscribe from AM-Software_Licensing

Once you send the email, you should be removed from the list.


NOTE: If you are having difficulties with this interface, you can manually add yourself to the mailing list by sending an email to with a subject of AM-SOFTWARE_LICENSING, and as the text of the message, the line :

subscribe AM-Software_Licensing [your name]

Subscription to the listserv does require first and last name.

To unsubscribe, change the text of the message to:

unsubscribe AM-Software_Licensing

When unsubscribing, there is no need to include a name.