SPSS Software License

  Stand Alone License Network License Unlimited License
(CS Departments)
Unlimited License
(non CS Campuses)
Initial Cost $169 $340 / Concurrent license $14,315 $14,315
Expiration Date August 31 August 31 August 31 August 31
Renewal Price $169 $340 / Concurrent license $14,315 $14,315

Restrictions Availability
Faculty Unavailable
Staff Unavailable
Students Student License Information


NOTE:  The SPSS Network licenses can be shared among multiple computers (so if you had a lab with 40 computers and purchased 10 Network licenses, any 10 of those 40 comptuters could be running SPSS at a given moment).  The Stand Alone licenses are for a specific machine, and may not be shared (so if you have a lab with 40 computers and purchased 10 Stand Alone licenses, you would have to pick which 10 has SPSS installed on them, and only those 10 could run SPSS)


Non-College Station campuses need to contact the Software Center to determine if their location is eligible for purchasing the software through our department. Due to international licensing issues, the Qatar campus is not eligible for the SPSS license through the Software Center.

The license described on this page is for departments only.  At this time, there are no student licenses available through Texas A&M.


The SPSS software is currently available as a download.

Description of Software

As of 12/09/22, our current version is SPSS 28.

SPSS is a statistical analysis software. When you purchase an SPSS site license you will receive SPSS Base, Regressional and Advance Statistics.