Minitab Software License

Initial Cost: $80 per PC
Renewal Cost: $80 per PC
Expiration Date: August 31

Media Requirement: The software will be provided electronically.  We will also need your MAC address to generate the license file. 


Faculty, Staff: Available
Student: See software rental information

Finding the MAC address

On a Windows computer:

1.  Run CMD.EXE.  This can be accomplished several ways; either through the RUN dialogue box, or the "Search Programs and Files" box.

2.  In the DOS window that comes up, type the command:  ipconfig /all

3.  This will show a lot of information; scroll back near the top of the list and find the section headed "Ethernet adapter Local Network Connection:"

4.  In this section, there will be a line labeled:  "Physical Address:" and will have a set of six pairs of hexadecimal characters; something like 00-AA-0E-5F-99-B6.

5.  That is your MAC address; include that information in the "Notes" section of your order.