Identity Finder

IDENTITY FINDER IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE.  This page has been kept for archival purposes. 



Identity Finder is available only to 02 system parts.


Initial Cost to Departments

The cost of Identity Finder is now $0, but the Software Center still needs an accurate FTE count for any department wishing to use the software. 

To place an order, an order based on FTE count can be placed using the form at:

Renewal Cost and Expiration

All accounts: $0/FTE
Expiration date: February 1

Calculating FTE Count

All employees of the department are included in the FTE count, with part time faculty and staff counting as 0.5 FTE. Student workers and graduate assistants must be included in this count as well and will count as 0.5 FTE.

Note: Non-computer using staff can be excluded from the FTE count.


Departments: Available
Students: Not available


Identity Finder is a program that helps scour your computer to secure or remove personal identifying data. The Software Center has both the Windows version and the Macintosh version available.

From the company website (

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