ESRI Software License

ESRI has made several of their online courses available to us. For more information, see our Online Courses Available from ESRI page.


Initial Cost

$110 for ArcInfo (ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced)

$20 for ArcView (ArcGIS for Desktop Basic)

$1,900 for Campus Wide license for non CS Campuses
Expiration Date August 31 August 31 August 31
Renewal Price $110 for ArcGIS Advanced $20 for ArcGIS Basic $1,900 for Campus Wide license for non CS Campuses


Faculty, Staff: Available
Students: Not available 


The current version available is 10.4.1 and requires a dual-layer DVD to duplicate.  It can also be sent via FileX, as a segmented file.  Please let us know if you require an older version; usually they are available (and included under the license), but it may take time to get activation codes.

ArcInfo vs. ArcView

To clarify the distinctions between ArcView and ArcInfo, the products have recently been renamed.  ArcView is now "ArcGIS for Desktop Basic" and ArcInfo is now "ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced".

ESRI has a webpage which delineates the distinctions between the two:

Note for ArcInfo Windows Users for versions prior to 10

Versions prior to ArcInfo 10 require a USB key.  There is an additional one-time fee of $50 for the USB key which must be plugged into the computer running ArcInfo. This key contains an ID number, which will be used to generate a license file, which will be e-mailed to you and must also be installed on the machine running ArcInfo.  This does allow the ArcInfo license to be used as a floating license.  This is a one-time fee, and not an annual fee for the key, however, when you renew your ArcInfo License each year, please provide the ID number which is physically printed on the USB key.  Note:  Version 10 does not require this key.  The USB key fee only applies to versions prior to 10, and not 10 or later.

Technical Support

Need help registering ArcGIS Single-Use and extensions? Go to and use the ArcGIS 9.3 registration code sheet. If you need the ArcGIS 9.3 registration code sheet, then please contact the Software Center.

Need help registering ArcGIS Desktop using a license manager and USB key? Go to for more information on installing the license manager. After it is installed, you can then refer to the License Manager Reference Guide listed in the programs menu ( Start > All Programs > ArcGIS > License Manager (9.x) > License Manager Reference Guide) in order to guide you through importing the license file.

For ESRI support, email Sierra Laddusaw or Matthew Crawford.

Part of the cost of retail software is the tech support included with the purchase cost. In order to offer the Texas A&M University System such great prices, ESRI does not provide direct tech support to site license holders without an additional fee.

The cost-free tech support pathway for the ESRI site license is through designated campus support personnel that are able to contact ESRI directly if they are not able to resolve the problem. Please work through this system by sending your tech questions to us at, then we will distribute it to the appropriate person.