SAS Software License


Initial Cost $0.00 $55.00
Expiration Date August 31 August 31
Renewal Price $0.00 $55.00

 There is a SAS Server license available for $1,220.  Please contact the Software Center if you are interested in this license.


Department: Available*
Faculty, Staff: Not available*
Student: Available 

*If SAS is being installed on a university computer, or on a faculty or staff home computer, there is a $55 fee, which must be paid from a departmental account.


Contact: Kusumben Mistry
Phone: 979.845.8300
Location: Help Desk Central
Office Hours: M-F, 8 a.m.-12 p.m., 1 p.m.-5 p.m.

SAS 9.4 for Windows 32bit

SAS 9.4 for Windows 64bit


Renewing a License

User must get password from the Software Center by filling out another agreement. Re-installation is not required unless the user needs a newer version than the one they currently have.

SAS Analytic Suite

The basic departmental license includes the following SAS products:

SETINIT.SAS File Available for Download

The file may be downloaded; if you are licensed, you may request the name and password from the Software Center.

First, you must have filled a SAS order form from our Forms Page

Then, you will receive a name and password you can use to get the SETINIT from our download page.


Technical Support

Note: Some technical help can be found on the SAS Technical Support web page.

Technical support questions can be emailed to: