Entire Connection Software License

Initial Cost: $60
Renewal Cost: None
Expiration Date: None


Departments: Available
Faculty, Staff: Available
Students: Not available 

License Notes

The license for Entire Connection is permanent for that version. However, to upgrade to a different version will require a separate license.

As of 8/15/2014 our latest version is

Available for Windows only.

Installation Assistance

Please see Entire Connection installation assistance at the Help Desk Central website.


Contact: Court Sansom
Phone: 979.845.0702
Email: court@tamu.edu
Office Hours: Monday - Friday : 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.


Entire Connection allows user to create or access application functions and data resources, regardless of location or underlying technology. It integrates workstations with distributed enterprise information through 3270 intelligent terminal emulation and data transfer.